Starter Units

Wire Shelving Starter Units

Our Chrome Wire Shelving Units are available with four different height options.  You can purchase these shelving units with a height of 54″, 63″, 74″ or 86″.  All of our starter units come complete with 4 wire posts and 4 wire shelves.  There are many different sizes of shelves that are available for these units.  You can also purchase a set of casters to make your wire shelving unit mobile.

Is your hospital in desperate need of space and organization?  Are you in charge of making sure that your healthcare facility is organized, safe and clutter free?  We understand your needs as they are very important not only for your staff, but also for the patients in the hospital.

You can get all areas of the hospital or doctor’s office organized with chrome wire shelving units. The wire shelving units are able to hold everything that you need neatly stored away.  Chrome wire shelving units are great in the healthcare industry for storing files. The ways in which these shelving units benefit healthcare professionals are unlimited.  You can mobilize the wire shelves and make it easy to transport supplies from one ward to another.  For example, you can easily transport a fully stocked shelving unit from the emergency room to the operating room, allowing you to quickly find the supplies that are needed.

A must have for every hospital or healthcare facility is medical carts.  These medical carts make it easy to roll from room to room to dispense medicine. These medical carts are used in hospitals all across the country. The medical carts come on wheels. The drawers on the medical carts are able to be locked for safety reasons. These carts will save your staff time when it is time to dispense the medication each day. Some patients need medicine at all hours of the day and the medical carts can help your staff. Your staff will appreciate the ease of our carts and so will the state when they see they are safe and secure.