Medical Carts

Medical Carts for every day use in Hospitals :

All Hospitals & HealthCare facilities use medical carts every day.  The medical carts help to make the transportation of supplies and medication a simple task.  There are many different types of medical carts with different features.  Some examples of medical carts are the Emergency Carts, Anesthesia Carts and Medication Carts, just to name a few.  These carts come on wheels so your staff can push them from room to room when a procedure or treatment needs to be done.  One of the many great features of our medical carts is that they have plenty of drawers to hold every supply that the nurse or doctor may need for any treatment or procedure.  Simplastics HealthCare’s carts can be used as supply carts, suture carts, laceration carts, exam room carts, emergency room carts, casting carts and for many other uses.  All of our medical carts are made in the USA.  Many different colors are available.